Why Taylor Hall should consider re-signing with the Arizona Coyotes


I know that Taylor Hall is going to hit the open market this offseason, and there is nothing the Arizona Coyotes can do to stop that.

Taylor Hall deserves to play hockey wherever he wants to play. I think he would be the best fit in Arizona, but I just want to say that he should go wherever he wants to go.

With that little disclaimer behind me lets jump in. I think the Coyotes are going to be the best fit for Taylor Hall in the future. The Coyotes would not have traded for Hall if they did not think they were going to have a good chance at re-signing him.

I am sure the team would have wanted a playoff appearance with Hall in the books after this season, but hey I think they are going to look even better next season with a preseason of Hall with the team in the books.

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Rick Tocchet and the coaching staff were not ready to have a player of Hall’s skill in their lineup, and they are still trying to adjust to him on the fly. I think that next season could prove even better for Hall. He would have such young talented players by his side hungry for a Stanley Cup. Think of some of the guys Hall would have around him. Players like Nick Schmaltz will be a year older and ready to compete. Clayton Keller and a well-rested Barrett Hayton will be back next year.

There is so much young talent for Hall to be excited about for the Coyotes next season, so there is no doubt in my mind he should be excited about this team. We gave up some promising young assets to acquire Taylor Hall. I do not think anyone is going to regret the move even if he does not stick around. Sure the playoffs would have been a better excuse for getting Hall and him walking at the end of the season. It would sting to have this team miss and still have Hall walk away at the end of the year, but that is how hockey works.

Taylor Hall is going to be the guy in Arizona if he chooses to stick around, and the team will have another year to get something done in the weak pacific division before moving to the central. Please, Taylor Hall, stay in Arizona and help bring the Stanley Cup here for a summer!