15 games will decide the fate of the Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes have 15 games left this season. They are not a lock for the playoffs and will need to compete to secure their position in the postseason.

Some people have written this season off already as a failed attempt, others are not done believing just yet. The only group that gets to decide that is the Arizona Coyotes themselves. We need to go on a run quick, otherwise, things are going to be looking pretty poorly.

15 games is not a lot of time. The Coyotes have 72 points right now, they are going to need maybe 87 to make the postseason, that means we are going to need to win 12 of our next 15 games. Maybe we do not need 87 and the wildcard number is down, I am just giving a rough estimate.

Vancouver, Calgary, Minnesota, Winnipeg, and even Nashville all sit above us in the standings. In order to make the playoffs, we are going to have to leapfrog all of these teams. I know that we are talking about how there are 15 games left and that they all matter, but if the same time if we can not win our next three games our season is over.

Every player is going to need to be at their best during the coming weeks, there is no reason for giving up early, especially when you consider the playoffs are going to be on the line every shift. I like what the Coyotes have built, and I do not want to see this team broken up or split part yet!

Let’s get things rolling tonight against the Vancouver Canucks and try to reestablish ourselves as a real threat in the Pacific Division. On paper, we are one of the best teams in the Pacific, but we just have not shown it on the ice.

What do you think the Coyotes are still missing, and do you think there is any chance we can make the playoffs this season?