Arizona Coyotes’ Playoff Fate May Have Already Been Sealed

The Arizona Coyotes may be about to pay dearly for their inconsistent play and lack of scoring early in the season by missing the playoffs.

As we continue to see the Arizona Coyotes‘ Western Conference competitors rise in the playoff hunt standings, it’s not difficult to believe that the ‘Yotes’ chances to reach the postseason are pretty slim. As reluctant as I am to admit it, it’s probably a matter of too little, too late for the Desert Dogs and may very well end with no playoff appearance for an 8th consecutive year.

Many of the Coyotes’ postseason foes are trending upward and seem to be peaking at the right time. Although it’s great from an NHL fans’ perspective, it’s discouraging for the Coyotes’ faithful.

I am envious watching teams like the Minnesota Wild, who the ‘Yotes could not beat in three games this season, play some impressive late-season hockey. The Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators have been entertaining to watch too, and the wily Chicago Blackhawks are sneaking up on everybody.

The enthusiasm displayed by these teams seems contagious, and it looks like they are having fun while competing for the playoffs under such high-stakes, stressful circumstances. They are fun to watch and display fiery emotion at the right times. As Coyotes’ fans, I think we are at times envious of the passion and leadership displayed by members of the opposing teams. Being dispassionate and in control of your emotions is an admirable thing and certainly fine as long as you have positive results to show for it.

As the Coyotes prepare for Friday night’s game against the Calgary Flames, they sit in 5th position in the playoff hunt. Although many of the teams have cashed in their games-in-hand, those teams have won the majority of their games, essentially keeping the Coyotes trapped on the lower rungs of contention.

As a result, the Coyotes need to win the vast majority of their final 14 games to reach the playoffs, which of course would involve the ‘Yotes leapfrogging all of the currently hot teams like the Predators, Wild, and Jets (and those sneaky Blackhawks lying in the weeds). Flying pigs might help too.

That’s quite a lot to ask of the Coyotes so late in the season when there’s been little evidence of consistent play and dependable scoring thus far based upon their 60-plus game sample size.

Hope springs eternal, however, and that’s the beauty and attraction of competitive sports. Anything can happen, good or bad, depending on your perspective. Let’s go Coyotes!