Arizona Coyotes Nearing Their Deja Vu Moment For Season

The Arizona Coyotes suffered a painful yet all-too-familiar loss in Calgary on Friday night and, barring a miracle, are about to experience another disappointing postseason on the couch.

Avid Arizona Coyotes supporters watch the ‘Yotes games with a generally positive outlook, even if common sense would suggest otherwise. That’s just what loyal fans do throughout the sports world, regardless of the sport.

The game against the Calgary Flames on Friday night was no exception. Knowing that the Coyotes’ backs were to the wall, we all hoped that the Desert Dogs would scratch and claw themselves to a much-needed win to keep them postseason relevant. The pregame hype reminded us that there were only 14 games remaining and that the Coyotes’ competition was making great strides toward the playoffs.

Well, we all know the “must win” didn’t happen, and the ‘Yotes lost. It was agonizing yet wasn’t entirely a surprise, but it still hurt and left the faithful with sort of an empty feeling. TV hosts almost immediately changed the narrative to a brand new “must-win” scenario, this time against the Winnipeg Jets on Monday.

The Coyotes now have 13 games remaining and in a perfect world can end the season with 100 points. That could get them into the postseason as a wild card participant, but they’d need help. Thus far they haven’t gotten much outside help or even “inside” for that matter.

It’s not impossible for the ‘Yotes to make the playoffs, but fans watching the team throughout the season know it’s an uphill battle and unlikely to happen. Some are already deciding who they will support in the postseason if/when the Coyotes are eliminated, while others will stop watching hockey altogether.

Regardless, now that reality is setting in, fans are beginning to wonder what changes will be made throughout the organization to make the on-ice product legitimately competitive. Eight years is a long time to wait for the playoffs, and retaining the current roster will only provide the same results for a ninth straight year.

While the Coyotes were preparing to play the Flames on Friday night, Coyotes’ season ticket holders received their annual email stating that their ticket renewals were due by March 28, 2020. In addition, the ‘Yotes are offering playoff tickets on a “Pay as we Play” plan, but it may very well be a moot point at this juncture.

As anyone supporting the Arizona Coyotes by attending games at GRA knows, it’s quite a financial commitment, even for a single game (tickets, parking, food and beverages, merchandise, etc.).

Thus decisions will have to be made soon as to whether or not the Arizona Coyotes are a wise investment if the organization stands pat rather than make substantive changes.

Fans are willing to shell out their hard-earned money to support a winner, but the organization needs to commit to changes that prove to all their supporters that missing the playoffs is not acceptable.

Eight years? Come on. Let’s go Coyotes!