Arizona Coyotes Organization Rudderless as it Faces Crossroads

The Arizona Coyotes are floundering as they half-heartedly compete for the playoffs, and chances are slim that they will actually reach the postseason. What, then, can supporters expect from the organization beyond their final 12 games?

Arizona Coyotes’ fans are primarily focused short term on the team making the playoffs. Regardless of whether or not that happens, there are many questions that loyal supporters have regarding the long term future of the organization.

Last year, the Coyotes came 4 points shy of reaching the playoffs. This year, many fans were hopeful that the team would make the playoffs because of the additions of Phil Kessel, Carl Soderberg, and Taylor Hall. Well how’d that work out for us, eh?

Assuming that the Coyotes will miss the playoffs for the 8th straight season, things aren’t looking too rosy for the Desert Dogs. I’ll venture to say that the Coyotes’ are in deep trouble anyway.

In order to obtain Taylor Hall, the ‘Yotes traded away a boat load of players, referred to as “assets” by John Chayka, that represented a promising future. Based upon the current ages of some of those on the incumbent roster (and their lack of productivity), an infusion of young, aggressive reinforcements is needed pretty quickly.

By failing to make the playoffs, however, the likelihood of Taylor Hall wanting to remain a Coyote are pretty slim. Why would he want to stick around when he can sign for mucho dinero with a legitimate playoff contender? Thus, chances are that Mr. Hall leaves during the summer and the Coyotes are stuck with a weaker, substandard roster than before, and we’ve all seen what the current bunch of players has accomplished, no?

Remember when a Coyotes’ representative decided to stand pat at the trade deadline because he had confidence in his current roster? What was in THAT pitcher of Kool-Aid?

How does the Arizona Coyotes organization expect to earn continued support from its fan base when it can’t seem to put a competitive, winning product on the ice?

As we all watch the Coyotes’ playoff-hungry foes gain points in their postseason hunts, the lethargic and embarrassing Coyotes sink ever so slowly in the west. Why can’t the organization get its act together?

There has been plenty of talk recently about replacing the GM and/or the coach, but wouldn’t the ‘Yotes have the same players on the ice, with perhaps a few new faces? Just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, the team would still sink. Same stuff, different day!

What if Coyotes’ owner Mr. Meruelo, said to be quite the competitor, took the bull by the horns (or the Coyote by the tail) and cleaned out his administrative house? He could re-stock his shelves with knowledgeable hockey people that knew what assets were worth keeping and which ones needed to go.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Wouldn’t that result in keeping Coyotes’ fans interested in the team due a bright future for the Desert Dogs?

The bottom line is that the Arizona Coyotes need to make substantive changes to the way they approach building a successful and competitive franchise. Expecting their fans to continue to finance the team without any payoff, or playoffs, is inexcusable.

Is there hope on the horizon? Only time will tell.