Arizona Coyotes Organization Again Embroiled in Off-Ice Scenario

The Arizona Coyotes professional hockey team has once again gotten unwanted NHL and media attention for alleged mismanagement issues completely separate from its on-ice product, and that’s a shame.

The Arizona Coyotes have managed to overcome a litany of soap opera-like scenarios throughout their existence in the Valley of the Sun throughout their 25-year history. In this particular case, by “Arizona CoyotesI mean the players that have shed their blood, sweat, and tears to play their hearts out for their teammates and their loyal fans in the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. That hasn’t been an easy thing to do when there’s turmoil afoot within upper management of an organization and constant discussions about relocation of the franchise.

It’s an unwarranted slap in the face to the players and Coyotes’ fans to have the entire organization painted with the same broad brush and being deemed unworthy of an NHL franchise due to managerial issues.

I’m tired of hearing about the failed “hockey in the desert” experiment and the need to relocate the team to Houston, or Quebec City, or to hell’s half-acre! It’s akin to a judge asking a defendant who was never afforded a trial if he had anything to say prior to the judge sentencing him to death!

The focus on the 2020-21 Coyotes’ impressive on-ice performance has been diverted, at least for some, due to allegations of possible managerial misconduct. That’s a damn shame. Although there’s nothing that the coaching staff or players can do about this situation other than to focus on their hockey, they’ll be unfairly swept up in this distraction.

Personally, I vow to maintain my focus on the on-ice product, as the Yotes deserve our fan support and loyalty now more than ever while the powers-that-be try to resolve the issues at hand and minimize any collateral damage in the process. It sickens and angers me that the Coyotes organization will be dragged through the mud for the latest accusations of wrongdoing, AND that the organization put itself in a position to even be accused of any wrongdoing in the first place!

Nevertheless, the timeline involved and the ultimate findings and disposition of these allegations are out of our control. Let the chips fall where they may, and appropriate and just action taken if warranted.

In the meantime, our unwavering support of the Desert Dogs is not out of our control. Let’s do what we can to show our appreciation for their efforts. We know the Coyotes belong in the Arizona desert. After all, Yotes fans have shed their blood, sweat, and tears for a quarter of a century too. Let’s go Coyotes!