Arizona Coyotes Fans Deserve More Than Silence From Team Owner

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Arizona Coyotes hockey fans would really appreciate some enlightening, encouraging words from owner Alex Meruelo.

Mr. Alex Meruelo, current owner of the Arizona Coyotes NHL hockey club, sure as sh** wants to win. I remember him saying so nearly two years ago. Or at least I remember someone saying that he said so. Tee shirts were made and sold by someone to someone else for a very short period of time, in two colors, I think – white and red. Or was that just a dream? If so, I humbly apologize.

Anyway, I’m not certain if Mr. Meruelo still wants to win, but I’m guessing that he does. He seems like that kind of individual, very driven, and the sort of man that gets what he wants. I know he’s a busy man, as successful people always are. They get things done, and that leads me to my point.

Is it possible for Mr. Meruelo to take time out of his very busy, multi-faceted business schedule to address the hockey fans in this community at this particular time? The on-ice product has been in disarray and is now in a state of flux. Being eliminated from the postseason once again is discouraging enough for the Coyotes’ loyal fans, but the team now seeks a new coach, and roster changes are inevitable. General Manager Bill Armstrong is trying to keep the hockey operations group afloat and headed in the right direction, yet Coyotes fans have no idea about the team’s short-term strategic plans or its future in Arizona.

People have suffered over, yet supported, the Arizona Coyotes for 25 years, long before Mr. Meruelo ever knew of or cared about this franchise, and it would be very much appreciated to hear some encouraging words from him regarding the state of the Arizona Coyotes, about his vision for the franchise, and about his commitment to those hockey fans and the community as a whole all these years.

I understand that the Arizona Coyotes owner normally speaks to the public through President, CEO, and Alternate Governor Xavier A. Gutierrez, a wonderful family man involved with and dedicated to all manner of positive community and charitable events. He’s done a tremendous job in his relatively short tenure, and is considered an asset to the State of Arizona. At this juncture, however, as Coyotes fans prepare to watch the NHL playoffs without their beloved Desert Dogs’ involvement once again, it would be a positive thing to hear from Mr. Meruelo himself.

I hope Mr. Meruelo considers reaching out to the fans of his Arizona Coyotes. As supporters of one of only 32 NHL franchises in North America, we would love to hear from the boss himself about his vision and plans for the future. Let’s go Coyotes!