‘Yotes Notes: Arizona Coyotes Josh Doan Will Join the List of Elite NHLers who Hail From AZ

Shane Doan, wife Andrea and kids Josh, Carson and Karys observe as "Doan 19" banner is raised. Josh is now a Coyote. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Shane Doan, wife Andrea and kids Josh, Carson and Karys observe as "Doan 19" banner is raised. Josh is now a Coyote. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Arizona Coyotes’ forward Josh Doan is primed to become the next NHL star that surprisingly hails from the Grand Canyon State. When hockey fans think of Arizona three things come to mind; Auston Matthews, the best jerseys in the NHL, and (sadly) how the Coyotes should be relocated.

Yes, the cries to relocate to another city from hockey fans thousands of miles away has become annoying for Coyotes die-hards who reside in AZ.

I am here to tell them to shut up already.

Hockey belongs in the desert. It can work here. It will work here.

People who claim that there are not hockey fans in Arizona are crazy. There is no secret that Arizona, and the Phoenix metro area (also known as the Valley) is populated with transplants. In fact, about one third of Arizona residents are actually born here.

That being said Phoenix is an incredible sports town.

Majority of Arizona sports fans are unfortunately fair weather Arizona fans. They love the teams when they are winning, but have their other favorite team. This makes sense as majority of the transplants are from the Midwest, East Coast, or Canada. Ask any Coyotes fan if they have another team and they will tell you yes.

If you reside in the 480 or 602 you probably are familiar with the population increase as snowbirds make their way down during the winter and spring, and congest the 101 loop while you try to get to work.

The snowbirds might slow our daily commutes, but they watch hockey (don’t believe me? Check out K O’Donnell’s in Scottsdale when the Blackhawks are playing). Not only are the snowbirds watching, but so are the kids who grow up in the Valley and play hockey.

There are hockey fans in Arizona. The team just has not been very good for a long time. That is about to change. When this team is a legit contender in two years, good luck getting a ticket (and not because of the 5,000 seat arena in Tempe).

Surprisingly, the NHL has a few superstar players who hail from Arizona. Auston Matthews, Sean Couturier, Matthew Tkachuk, Brady Tkachuk, and soon Josh Doan.

Should this surprise anybody? No.

Auston Matthews does not come from NHL pedigree. He was a kid who grew up in Arizona, cheering for the Coyotes and Shane Doan, who is now the best player in the world. Proof that the Coyotes have an impact and impression on kids who play hockey in Arizona.

Yes, I said that. The best player in the world. Watch his first NHL game, it will give you goosebumps.

I know this must kill Leaf fans knowing that their best player is from Arizona.

Keith Tkachuk was an NHL star during his days on the early Coyotes, and both of the boys were born here. It should also not be surprising that Tkachuk’s kids turned out to be NHL players. Both of them are stars on their respective teams.

Sean Couturier’s father played in the NHL for the Los Angeles Kings, but was known in the Valley for playing for the Phoenix Roadrunners. Another player who has NHL pedigree, who was born in Arizona.

Josh Doan, the son of NHL legend and the best to ever wear a Coyote sweater Shane Doan, was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has lived his entire life in AZ and grew up playing in the Jr. Coyotes program. Josh went to Notre Dame Prep High School in north Scottsdale, prior to playing two seasons on the USHL’s Chicago Steel. He was third on the team in scoring in 2020 with 31 goals, 39 assists, and 70 points in 53 games.

When the time came the Coyotes wasted zero time, drafting him in the second round of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.

Josh committed to Arizona State University and has been as advertised.

Last season (his freshman year) with the Sun Devils hockey team (NCAA), Doan was third on the team in scoring with 12 goals, 25 assists, and 37 points in 35 games. So how does this translate into him being a star at the NHL level?

Aside from being Shane Doan’s son, and learning from one of the best to ever play, Josh is remarkably mature for his age. During the offseason, he hosts youth hockey camps throughout the Valley, giving back to the community.

Traits of his father, one of the best captains in NHL history.

Josh wants to be here.

“Being selected by Arizona would be an honor for anyone who grew up (here),” Josh Doan said. “No matter where you’re from, it’s always going to be an honor to be selected by the team that’s from your home city. Being around the (local) rinks my whole life, as a kid, it just makes it that much sweeter, and cooler. Growing up with my dad and going to his games and being a part of the fan side made it a really cool experience today for me and my family.”- Josh Doan

Josh is big forward, 6’2 176 lbs. He has an excellent wrist shot, with a strong and quick release. He is not afraid of contact. He plays very similar to his father. He is a good stickhandler, and at times can be a playmaker. Still being very young, he has plenty of time to add size and muscle to his frame, which will make the comparisons to his dad much more accurate.

Josh should develop into a premier power forward and carry on the family name in the NHL. If you are a Coyotes fan, get ready.

NHL players from Arizona are proof that the team and sport are meant to stay here for good.

In a dream world the Coyotes would have found a way to add Matthew Tkachuk this week as he made his way out of Calgary. I could not have imagined a cooler and more serendipitous situation than going to a Coyotes’ game and seeing the names Doan and Tkachuk on the back of Kachina sweaters.

I am thrilled that Josh is here. He is going to be a star. He is going to be the captain of the Coyotes some day.

Get your #91 Doan jerseys soon.

Happy Howlin’!