Arizona Coyotes Tempe Stadium Update

This fan of the Arizona Coyotes should have a news on the future stadium by the end of the year. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
This fan of the Arizona Coyotes should have a news on the future stadium by the end of the year. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Arizona Coyotes, their fans, and Tempe residents should be excited about the plans to break ground on a new stadium and entertainment district. Yesterday on the PHNX Coyotes podcast (the best Coyotes podcast) the team interviewed Tempe Councilmember Randy Keating and discussed the proposed Tempe Entertainment District. If you have a chance to listen I highly encourage it.

People looking from the outside at this proposal think this is silly as it seems like not long ago the Coyotes were just moving into Arena. Plain and simple, the team fumbled big time on this. Research shows that majority of the Coyotes fans reside in the East Valley, not Glendale. That is not slam on the fans from the west parts of Phoenix, but majority of season ticket holders, and premium ticket holders live on the opposite side of town.

The location of the proposed stadium is perfect, and the team and city of Tempe will thrive in the new location. For fans or residents who are apprehensive about the new entertainment district/stadium being built, know this; zero tax payer dollars will go into the cost of the build.

Do not be afraid of this deal. It will create jobs, drive revenue, and secure the team in Arizona long-term. This is a very good thing for all parties and residents.

With it being the offseason and the draft and free agency in the rearview mirror, the big question on all Coyotes fans minds is, “any news to share about the Tempe Entertainment District moving forward?”

Keating had encouraging news, saying “we have approved the RFP and are able to enter formal negotiations with the Coyotes and those negotiations are ongoing.” He went on to say that the Tempe City staff will be back on August 18th and will give the “lay of the land” and their “different pain points” that they have brought up with the Coyotes, regarding the team’s proposal with the city.

He also added that the city team members and Coyotes are trying to smooth over the outlying issues and come back together to discuss the progress that has been made.

Keating said that “it is his hope that this is done by the very latest, the end of the year, before the holidays”. This large process includes multiple meetings with the public, the city, the Coyotes, and any stakeholders involved (Sky Harbor Airport, etc.).


Keating said that he is optimistic and reiterated that “all of the parties involved are doing their homework and want to get this done right”.

Check out the entire podcast. You will be glad that you did.

Things sound to be heading in the right direction and fans should get excited. We should have news and updates here in the upcoming weeks.

Happy Howlin’!