Desert Dogs – Predicting the Remaining Games Where the ‘Yotes Wear the New Uni

TEMPE, ARIZONA - JANUARY 22: Karel Vejmelka #70 of the Arizona Coyotes warms up before a game against the Vegas Golden Knights at Mullett Arena on January 22, 2023 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Zac BonDurant/Getty Images)
TEMPE, ARIZONA - JANUARY 22: Karel Vejmelka #70 of the Arizona Coyotes warms up before a game against the Vegas Golden Knights at Mullett Arena on January 22, 2023 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Zac BonDurant/Getty Images) /

Who doesn’t love a fresh new look? The Coyotes debuted their new third jersey, the “Desert Nights” [1] and they crushed it design-wise. Everything about this alternate jersey is a hit, from the color scheme to the lettering. To top it all off the debut was an impressive win over the Golden Knights, with Clayton Keller netting a hat-trick. After a near-perfect start, we’re going to predict the remaining thirteen games on the Desert Nights schedule.

Remaining Games [2]:

1.       2/19: Columbus Blue Jackets
2.       2/26: Nashville Predators
3.       3/3: Carolina Hurricanes
4.       3/5: New Jersey Devils
5.       3/9: Nashville Predators
6.       3/12: Minnesota Wild
7.       3/16: Vancouver Canucks
8.       3/18: Chicago Blackhawks
9.       3/26: Colorado Avalanche
10.    3/31: Dallas Stars
11.    4/1: San Jose Sharks
12.    4/8: Anaheim Ducks
13.    4/13: Vancouver Canucks

Game 2: Columbus Blue Jackets

One of the three teams worse than Arizona points-wise, Columbus entered the All-Star break 1-2-2 in their last five. This looks like a great follow-up to Vegas, the ‘Yotes should come out with the win.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (2-0)

Game 3: Nashville Predators

Bring on Smashville! Game three is a tough matchup with the Predators, who are sporting a 4-1 record heading into the break. Arizona suffers their first loss in the alternates, as they struggle to get past Juuse Saros.

Prediction: Nashville Win

Record: (2-1)

Game 4: Carolina Hurricanes

Right into the eye of the storm for the next game. Carolina currently sits atop the Metro Division and shows no sign of slowing down as they are 5-0 heading into the break. The Coyotes drop two in a row as they fall to the Canes.

Prediction: Carolina Win

Record: (2-2)

Game 5: New Jersey Devils

The upstart Devils are next. Sporting a 32-13-4 record, they only trail the Hurricanes in the Metro. I don’t see the Coyotes taking this one, make it three losses in a row.

Prediction: New Jersey Win

Record (2-3)

Game 6: Nashville Predators

The gauntlet continues as it’s a rematch with the Preds. The same matchup, but a different result this time, as the Coyotes don’t get swept by Nashville in the Desert Nights series. They finally stop the losing streak.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (3-3)

Game 7: Minnesota Wild

Whoever came up with the Desert Nights schedule decided to put the team through the wringer during this stretch. Another tough matchup, this time with the Wild. Minnesota leads the season series, defeating the Coyotes by one goal in each of the two games. Arizona starts a different streak, taking their first in the season series and winning two in a row.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (4-3)

Game 8: Vancouver Canucks

The gauntlet ends as the Coyotes see a favorable matchup with the Canucks. After trading away captain Bo Horvat, I see the Canucks going into a free fall, and Arizona takes advantage.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (5-3)

Game 9: Chicago Blackhawks

Three in a row! Next up is Chicago, occupying the basement of the Central. I predict a fire sale at the trade deadline by Chicago, signaling tank season has officially kicked off. Arizona makes it four wins in a row in the Desert Nights.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (6-3)

Game 10: Colorado Avalanche

Well, the streak had to end eventually. Part two of a home-and-home with Colorado, with the first game of the regular season series going to Arizona. Unfortunately for the Coyotes, the Avs take both games.

Prediction: Colorado Win

Record: (6-4)

Game 11: Dallas Stars

The top team in the Central comes in winning the first two games of the season series against Arizona. As much as I want the Coyotes to demolish them in this matchup, I just don’t see it happening. The Stars take three in a row against Arizona.

Prediction: Dallas Win

Record: (6-5)

Game 12: San Jose Sharks

The last four matchups, this one included, in the Desert Nights series certainly had no love lost between the teams (Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, San Jose). Each matchup will be chippy, and this one should be no different. A physical win to get Arizona back on track.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (7-5)

Game 13: Anaheim Ducks

Another matchup against a rival squad, making it five in a row. This time the Coyotes go up against the hapless Ducks—two in a row for the ‘Yotes.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (8-5)

Game 14: Vancouver Canucks

The Desert Nights finale, as well as the season finale, is a rematch with Vancouver. The Coyotes finish an up-and-down season strong against a Canucks team that threw in the towel back at the All-Star break.

Prediction: Arizona Win

Record: (9-5)

What a concept, a winning record by the Coyotes this season! While they play strong and go 9-5 wearing the third jerseys, the second half of the season has all the appearances of being frustratingly up and down. Happy Howling!

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‌(All record statistics were derived from ESPN)