I Love The Smell Of The Ocean Air


Tonight, history can be made for the Phoenix Coyotes. With a win, they can win the Pacific Division title for the first time in the franchise. A win. Just one win. With one win, they can hang a banner from the rafters of Jobing.com. The goal that was sat forth in training camp can be realized. Coach Tippett would say “If you win your division, you get home ice in the playoffs.” Not just into the playoffs, but home ice. The other scenario that gets the banner hung in Glendale is for San Jose to beat LA in regulation and for Phoenix to take Minnesota to overtime.

Winning the Pacific would allow the team to cram it up the tailpipes of the so called hockey experts who picked Phoenix to finish out of the playoffs. Some picked them to finish Michelle Wie in the division (that is last).

The goal is to win. Just win Baby. Regardless of what happens tonight. Love this team with all your heart. Support the players. Buy a ticket for the playoffs. Watch them on tv. Wear white, even though it is before Memorial Day.

Keys to the game are the same as they always are. Play the Coyote way. Score first, relentless forecheck. No dumb penalties. Clear the lanes for Smitty or Jason (as of writing this, it was not stated who is starting tonight). Second line contributions in terms of hits, puck possession, and scoring chances. Focus on tonight’s game and the rest will take of itself.