Rogers Sportsnet Bashes Glendale, Again


Last year, Rogers Sportsnet was the source of the story that the Coyotes were leaving for Winnipeg at the beginning of the playoffs. This nugget came from Jim “Boomer” Gordon of the NHL Network when interviewed on Phoenix sports radio last week. This is what we are working with and competing with.

Story author Stephen Brunt digs out a picture of a couple sitting alone in a section of the arena. No context to the picture. It is a practice and they are sitting by themselves? After a game? Before a game? Maybe pick a seat  and they are checking out where to sit for the season.

Then, he hammers the Mayor of Glendale. Of which I have no problem. He hammers attendance. No where does he mention that attendance is up the last three years. No where does he mention that the end of season games have been sold out. No where does he mention that every US market has had attendance problems when the team does not win and a less than stellar product is put on the ice or field. See Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia 76’ers, Kansas City Royals.

Brunt is a hack. What an easy target, going at Phoenix. Commenting at the location of the stadium. How about this Brunt?Explain how the majority of your beloved Canadian teams are securing tee times. How the Leafs and the Canadians suffer a late season collapse, again. Winnipeg sold out every game, but they are still the Thrashers. Out of the playoffs.

Thanks for bringing up Goldwater. They have been pretty quiet this year. Did your decrease in donations shut off the publicity arm of Goldwater? My question is, what took Brunt so long to write this article?