The Coyotes Win 4-0 and Move On To Face Nashville


“Just because we got to this point doesn’t mean we stop now.” Dave Tippett said this to Todd Walsh in his postgame interview immediately after the 4-0 win over Chicago. In Chicago. Mike Smith weathered the storm and stopped 39 shots. Smith was flat out amazing and unbelievable. He never lost focus, never was distracted by the onslaught of shots and the carnage around him.

When asked by Todd Walsh about  his career and how the Coyotes believed in him, Mike Smith took a breath. Slowly he talked about what it meant for guys like Shane Doan, to finally win a round in the playoffs. How hard it is to make the playoffs, and then to advance. It was not about him, it was about Shane. But Mike, this is about you. It is about how you came here, believed in yourself and this team. How you picked this team up in February and led them from 13th place to 3rd with a 11-0-1 record. The team then fell to 10th place in March that culminated in a run that ended in 5 straight wins, 3 shutouts, and a Pacific Division Title.

For the first time since coming to Phoenix, the Coyotes are advancing to the semifinals of the Western Conference. The favorites like Detroit, San Jose, Vancouver, and Chicago are out. Nashville comes to town. LA and St. Louis will put on a goaltending and defensive showcase. The table is set for this to the year of the Coyotes. For the first time in franchise history, the Coyotes closed out a team. For the second time, a shutout in the postseason.

Get your tickets and join the Whiteout. If you cannot, go to a viewing party and yell and scream like you were at Meet the team when the charter lands tomorrow. I’ll have the information on the Hub to the right of this post. Enjoy tonight fans. We have been through alot these past three years. We have been through even more since they landed in Phoenix.

This win is for Shane Doan, who said he has thought about what it is to be on the other side of the handshake line. For what he has given to the franchise and the valley. For what he has provided as a leader. This win is for the equipment managers Stan Wilson and Tony Silva, and for GMDM and Dave Tippett. Bask in the warmth the win provides. You proved everyone wrong. Except us. We Believe In The Coyotes.