Where Are You Channels 3, 5, 10, and 12?


Only Craig Fouhy  of ABC15 was present in Chicago for the victory tonight. The other stations decided this was a story not worth covering. Only Craig Fouhy was there to interview Mike Smith for the Sunday night Sports Show. Only Craig Fouhy showed up at Cutter Aviation to welcome the team back after clinching the Pacific Division title. Only Craig Fouhy was on the radio today from Chicago and could report on how loose the team looked during their morning skate. And he did it on The Fan 1060 with Roc and Manuch.

Let’s see how excited the morning shows will be when they talk about the win. They’ll roll tape and talk about how proud they are of the Coyotes. Will they say the producers decided not to send their sports reporter? Are they going to talk about how they would show high school highlights instead of even mentioning the Coyote score in October until February unless they lost? Do they know Keith Yandle made the All-Star Game? Did they see Derek Morris played in his 1000th game or Ray Whitney is the 79th player to score 1000 points in a career? The media loves human interest stories. Here is one. Ruth Elgar celebrated her 100th birthday at a Coyote game and was interviewed ingame by Matthew Blades. Roger and Erin Birden celebrated their honeymoon by following their Nashville Predators on a western swing that included the Coyotes at Jobing.com. Their story is here at Howlin’ Hockey.

Will the anchors  say their station had ignored the media packages put together by Coyotes PR Director Rich Nairn all year long? Will they do a story on the reason this franchise has had three winning seasons? I’ll give them a hint. It is Dave Tippett behind the bench and General Manager Dave Maloney for securing the players that can fit into Tip’s system. Sean Burke has done wonders with Ilya Brizgalov, Jason LaBarbera, and most importantly Mike Smith. It would make a hell of a story to sit down and find out how Sean gets the most out of these players. All these goalies were let go by their previous team. All have found success in Phoenix. GMDM fleeced (hence why I call him he Shepherd) other teams on trades and picking up players off the waiver wire. Dave Tippett has changed the culture from a party bus that played professional hockey to a winning professional hockey team that has plans for a long playoff run.

Let’s see. The Suns are terrible. The Cardinals had a losing season last year and there is no hope in the future. The Diamondbacks may be a good story, but it is April. You should not even follow baseball until August, or when the Stanley Cup ends. College sports always gets its fair share of the media spotlight. It is time to get behind the Coyotes and enjoy the ride. Stop the negative angles. Forget the Canadian media. Try these headlines. Join The Pack. We Believe In The Coyotes.