Transcript of NHL Interview With Phoenix Coyotes: Tip, GMDM, Shane, Smitty, Yandle


"May 7, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett and members of the team celebrate after beating the Nashville Predators 2-1 to win game five of the 2012 Western Conference semifinals at Arena. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIREThe NHL has provided the transcript of an interview conducted with the Coyotes players and management listed above. It is provided for your enjoyment thanks to Frank Rekas of the Fansided Network and The Rat Trick. An interview with:COACH DAVE TIPPETTDON MALONEYSHANE DOANMIKE SMITHKEITH YANDLETHE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.Q.   Shane,  just  a  quick question.  There you are in the cafeteriaafter   15  years,  you’re  in  the  finals,  taking  all  this  in.   Yourimpressions.SHANE  DOAN:  It’s been pretty cool.  We’ve enjoyed the run.  When ithasn’t worked, you’ve been told that it can’t.  It’s nice to be able to saythat it can.We’re pretty excited as a group – very excited.Q.  Mike, I was looking your name up on Wikipedia.MIKE SMITH:  How many came up (laughter)?Q.   It said you’re the only goalie in history to get a shoutout, getin a fight, and score a goal in the same game.MIKE SMITH:  No, false information.  I scored.  I got a shutout and awin, but I never got in a fight.  The Gordie Howe hat trick is out.Q.  East Coast?MIKE  SMITH:   Yeah,  first  year  as  pro.   I  don’t  like to fight(laughter).Q.   Shane,  the  break  between  games.   Do  you  want  to ride thecoattails of momentum off the last series?SHANE  DOAN:   I  think  a little bit.  You’d like to.  We definitelyenjoyed  a  little bit of a break.  The last series started fairly quickly.We went six games and I think we started three days later.At  the same time it’s nice having the break.  It’s not like anyone’sreally  complaining  too much.  They’re on as big a roll as anyone ever hasbeen  on  I  think  in  the playoffs.  It would be nice to be playing maybeyesterday, but having till Sunday, it’s okay.Q.   Keith,  could  you  talk  about  the goaltending matchup in thisseries,  two  hottest  goalies  in  the league.  The fact that you have theability  to  get  a few past Pekka Rinne, a pretty good goalie, in the lastround?KEITH  YANDLE:   Yeah, we faced two good goalies so far with Crawfordand Rinne.  We’ve been able to solve them.  We know Quick is a good goalie,great  goalie, playing well.  We got more confidence in our net minder thantheirs.SHANE DOAN:  And he’s friends with Quick.Q.   Shane,  could  you  talk  about  the value of having another guythat’s been around this league for a long time, Ray Whitney.SHANE DOAN:  He’s a lot older (laughter).Q.   Just the value of him, and also the value that he’s been throughalready.SHANE  DOAN:   You  know what, it’s funny.  Everybody on our team forthe most part hadn’t been past the second round, I mean, other than Ray andRaffi  in the past, Vermette.  Those guys are the only three that have beenpassed.It’s been nice to talk to him.  At the same time we got a pretty goodveteran group of guys that are pretty comfortable.  But Ray offensively hasbeen  our  best  player  probably  throughout  the  whole  year.  He’s beenunbelievable  in  the playoffs, getting huge goals, just keeping it kind oflike a businesslike approach.  We all make sure we follow along.Q.   Mike, you have yet to lose on the road.  Coming in tomorrow, howdo you keep home ice as an advantage?MIKE  SMITH:  Yeah, no, they’ve been an outstanding team on the road.It’s  obviously  going  to be huge for us to not think about that too much,worry about what we have to do.The  first  5,  10  minutes  is  obviously going to be a huge part ofmomentum swings in the series.  When you start off on the right note with agood first 10 minutes, good start, go from there.Q.  Everybody is saying how similar these two teams are.  They appearto  be.   When  two  teams  are  alike, what can make the difference in theseries?MIKE  SMITH:  They said that about us and Nashville, too.  I think inplayoffs,  every  team  is  going  to have some similarities.  Everybody isgoing to be working hard, blocking shots.  Everybody has a good goaltender.I  think  in  that  aspect,  teams  are similar.  But we have our ownidentity.  We’re not trying to worry too much about them, just kind of playour game.Q.  Mike, what has Barb said to you?MIKE SMITH:  Barbs (LaBarbera) is such an easy guy to get along with.I  think  everybody  knows he doesn’t say too many bad things about anyone.It’s  been  a  very easy transition coming here and working with a guy likehim.   He works super hard in practice, very easy to get along with off theice.Obviously  that  relationship  is  huge.   I’ve  been  with guys thathaven’t had the same kind of relationship as I have with Barb, so it’s beeneverything I can ask for.Q.  He came up with that handshake?MIKE SMITH:  He did.  I can’t take credit for that.Q.  Along those lines, timeouts, seems like you’re talking to him.MIKE SMITH:  We’re talking about golfing (laughter).No,  like  I said, he’s an easy guy to be around.  He’s calming to bearound.   When  I get a chance to get a few words in with him, kind of calmmyself down by being able to talk to someone like that.When  you’re in the heat of the moment of the game, you’re nerves areworking  against  you.   When  you get a timeout to go to the bench, get tochat with a guy like that, it’s a calming influence.Q.  (No microphone.)MIKE  SMITH:  Probably not this long of one.  I’ve played well in thepast, but never been able to find that consistency I have this year.You  know,  goalies go in and out of hot streaks.  Obviously you havesome  games where you don’t play your best.  But this year I found a way toplay  well  when  I  haven’t  felt  my  best and tried to get out of slumpsquicker than I have in the past.I think that’s been a big part of my success this season.Q.   Shane, coach joked after Game 2 of Nashville that he’s happy foryou to do your own thing in Phoenix, nobody has to notice.  Can’t fly underthe radar anymore.  What is it like to get more recognition now nationally?SHANE  DOAN:  I’m pretty sure everyone is probably picking against usanyways again.  It’s where we want to stay, pretty low-key.Here in the valley, it’s been great.  We’ve enjoyed the way that it’skind of worked out for us the last couple years here.  We’ve had success asa team.  It will be fun to experience.Again,  I  think  that’s  where we’ll go back to a guy like Ray, guysthat  have  experienced  it.   Coming  in  here  and talking to you guys, Ihaven’t done that before, it’s kind of nice.Q.   Mike,  your  goal in the HCHL, the reason I would want you to goback  into  your  memory bank, to get your thoughts on it, because JonathanQuick, when he got his first win in the HCHL, he also scored a goal.MIKE SMITH:  Really?  I didn’t know that.Q.  You both have that in common.  Do you remember it?MIKE  SMITH:  Oh, yeah.  Tough to forget.  The bad thing is, once youscore once, you want more, so…That  feeling  of  obviously scoring when you’re a goaltender is likenothing  else.   But  also can work against you, too.  You’re only thinkingabout  it  when their goalie’s out.  The number one job is to keep the puckout of my end.  If it does go in the other end, that’s great, too.Q.   Mike,  can  you give us a sense of the way you are before games.Are  nerves  something you need to battle?  Are you pretty easygoing beforegames?  And, Shane, what is your sense of him?MIKE  SMITH:   I  want  Shane to leave me alone anytime.  He’s a pestanytime I’m around him (laughter).No,  I’m  pretty  easygoing.  I get nerves obviously this time of theseason.   I think everyone gets nervous before games.  I don’t think I showit.  I think I just try and do my thing and enjoy the moment, enjoy playingthis  game  that  we  all  grew  up  playing and dreamt of being in the NHLplayoffs, just trying to take advantage of the situation.It’s been fun so far.SHANE  DOAN:   Yeah,  he’s as competitive off the ice as he is on theice.   We  all  play  in  a two-touch game that is pretty intense at times.Usually we’re arguing with him whether or not he’s out or not.MIKE SMITH:  Because Shane is always right (laughter).SHANE DOAN:  It doesn’t matter, every game, doesn’t matter if he’s ona  roll,  it’s  the  exact same thing.  That’s one of the great things.  Itdoesn’t  matter  how everything is going, he’s going to make sure everybodyaround  him,  it’s  still  the same.  It’s nice when you have your startinggoalie to be like that.  We enjoy it.  We have fun with him.KEITH  YANDLE:   Yeah, I agree.  I think Smitty is a guy, he sees thegame  well.   He’s  a  goalie,  but  he  sees  the  game well, as if he’s adefenseman or a player back there.You know, you can talk to him about hockey or anything before, duringor after the game.  It’s fun to have a guy like him around.Q.   You  guys are obviously keeping it lighthearted here.  What roledoes  humor  and  being  able  to  jab  at  each  other relieve some of thetenseness  of  the  game  coming up?  Second part is, who provides the besthumor in the locker room?SHANE DOAN:  I’d say Jelly (Yandle) does.  He’s usually got somethinggoing on.  When things are going on, he keeps it pretty lighthearted.We got a great group of guys that really enjoy each other.  No one isafraid  to give it to anybody.  I think it makes it fun.  We all enjoy it alot.MIKE  SMITH:   Especially  this  time  of  season,  it can get prettynerve-wracking.   To  have  the group we have, to keep it light, especiallybefore  big  games.  It takes a lot of energy out if you’re serious all thetime.It’s  been  a  fun  year.  It’s been a very easy transition for me tocome into this group.  Obviously we have great leadership.  Everyone in thelocker  room  gets  along.   That’s  a huge part of why we are where we areright away.Q.   Divisional  rival  for the first time.  The style of this seriesgoing to be any different than Chicago or Nashville or closer to one or theother in the way it’s played?SHANE  DOAN:  I think we’re pretty familiar with each other.  I mean,we’ve  had  some pretty intense, physical games already.  I’m assuming thatit’s  just  going  to  kind  of  go  up  even more than that.  We’re prettycomfortable playing each other.  I don’t think there’s going to be too manysurprises.   They  got  Carter  late.   That’s  about the only thing that’schanged  since  the last time we played them, three or four times when theydidn’t have him.It  will  be a fun, intense playoff hockey.  I think the third round,as  a  fan,  I  think the intensity goes up so much after the second round,because  the  second  round, you’re happy to get into the second round, getout of the first round.  Sometimes there’s a little bit of a lull.Third  round, you recognize how close you are to achieving your goal.From  watching it way too many times, that intensity is fun to see and willbe fun to be part of.Q.  Keith, could you address, out of the All-Star break you went on agreat  run,  That  kind of turned the whole season around for you.  Can youpoint  to  any  particular  reason  why  that  time  of the season was wheneverything started to click and why?KEITH  YANDLE:  I don’t know if there’s something you can really justpinpoint.   We  came together.  I remember having some meeting, Tip tellingus  how  much the next 15, 20 games mean to our team.  It was a rush to getinto  the  playoffs.   It  was so tight in the west, we knew we had to playwell to get into the playoffs, get the highest seed we could get.I think it was the coaching staff getting us together and pinpointingthat  we  really  needed to step up our game.  I thought we did a real goodjob of doing that.Q.   The  All-Star  break preceded that.  This is your longest break.Is there something to be said to be able to use that time to rest?  Can yousee any connection between what you were able to do, All-Star break, takingthat time, to now kind of refocusing again?KEITH  YANDLE:   Leading up to the All-Star break, I think we had oneof the toughest schedules I know I’ve ever been a part of.  That break cameat a perfect time in the season.  This break can work to our advantage.We  also  have to recognize that we’ve had time off.  We have to comethe  first 5 minutes, 10 minutes, like I said, and get onboard and get backinto  the  playoff adrenaline and energy out there, because both teams havehad big layoffs now.  It’s probably going to be a little bit of feeling outthe  first 5, 10 minutes.  But after that, we’re going to have to really upour tempo.THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.Questions for Coach Tippett and Don Maloney.Q.  Coach, can you talk about the adjustments you make when you see aguy  like  Daymond  adjust  to a fourth line?  How do you tweak things intowhat you’ve done so far in this post-season?COACH  TIPPETT:   What  we  try to do is put positions where they canhelp us win and they feel like they’re a part of what we’re doing here.We  rely  on everybody to do their job.  We talked a little bit aboutthis  yesterday  as  a staff.  We feel like this is as deep a team as we’veever  had.   When you have a player of Langkow’s quality of stabilizing ourfourth  line,  we don’t call it a fourth line, we call it Langk’s line.  Hegives  us  quality  minutes, a role in the game, good penalty killer.  Thatline has chipped in some important goals for us.What  we  try to do is make sure players know their responsibilities,know  what  they  have  to  do to help us win.  It’s our job to put them inthose  positions  to let them be successful at it.  We’ve had a lot of guysthat have kind of bought into that and it’s gone well.Q.  Don, might have been a few people that raised an eyebrow when yougave three years to Ray Whitney given his age.  What were your expectationsand thoughts?DON  MALONEY:   I  wish  it  was  three,  because  it  was  only two.Unfortunately he’s up at the end of this year.When  we  looked  at  Ray,  we had two players at that period that wethought could play in a top-six role.  Ray was one of them.  I think at thetime people were questioning whether one year, two years.  Usually when youget  to  36, 37, 38, there’s a little hesitation on extending, just the waythe CBA is, beyond a year.Just  studying  Ray,  looking at his game, we watched a lot of video,how he played, who he played with, the ability to protect pucks, make playsat a competitive level, I didn’t see the risk.  Even the level of contract,it  was  something  we felt we could swing.  He’s been terrific year.  He’shad  a terrific year.  He’s invaluable from a skill base.  Radim Vrbata andcertainly  Marty  Hanzal  formed  our top offensive line and we’re going toneed them to be good this series.Q.   To  follow  up on that.  The value of a Ray Whitney right now asyou  head  into the third round.  Not many guys on this team have been thisfar.  He’s the only guy that’s won a Cup.  Touch on the value of what he isnow to this team other than what he can give you on the ice.COACH  TIPPETT:  The one thing that Ray does for us is he’s obviouslyone  of  our  top  players,  top  offensive  players,  and  he  takes  thatresponsibility  very  serious.   The experiences he’s been through, you canhear  him  every day.  He’s relating something, whether it be to teammates,whether  just  a  situation that arises, down to little things like a breakbetween a round, how you deal with it.His  experience  in  those  areas,  his preparation, how he deals, heprepares  himself,  rubs  off  on other people.  But he’s also very open insharing his experiences to make sure everybody else can get through those.His contribution goes farther – much farther – than on the ice.DON  MALONEY:   We  do have older players on this team, but not olderplayers that played into the semifinals.  He relates well.  He always has astory.  Very personable person.Again,  without  having  a lot of guys that have won a Cup, he’s veryimportant to us.Q.  After tomorrow night’s game, it will be unfamiliar territory withneither  team  having fallen behind in a series.  Are you interested to seewhat the response will be from either side?COACH  TIPPETT:  Well, I’m not going to worry about after Game 1 tillthat  one’s done and we’ll see how that one goes.  Series, you have to makeadjustments,  momentum-wise,  tactical-wise,  you kind of read and react towhat’s happening.If  you  looked  at  the  last  series,  after Game 1, we won, but weweren’t  very  happy.   We went to Game 2 and knew we had to be better.  Soevery series is different, every game is different.I think with both teams having a bit of a layoff here, both teams aregoing  to be anxious to get going.  I think Game 1, there’s always a littlebit of a feeling-out process.  I think everybody will be glad to get Game 1going and get through it, then we’ll read and react from there.Q.  (No microphone.)COACH  TIPPETT:  For me, it’s all about winning.  I mean, every day Igo  to  the rink and I figure out how we’re going to win or talk about withthe staff, with the players, how we’re going to win.Ultimately  I have a saying all the time:  Winning trumps everything.Team  and  winning  trumps everything.  It can be top players, goaltenders,winning trumps everything.I’ve  been fortunate a couple years in the minors, I had unbelievableoffensive  teams  that  were  the  highest-scoring teams in the league.  InDallas,  I  had a couple teams that were high-scoring.  I believe you can’twin unless you play a strong team defense.I  would  be  interested to see if anybody could name a team that wonthe  Stanley  Cup  that  didn’t know how to defend.  There’s some very goodoffensive  teams.   You look at Vancouver, a very good offensive team.  Butthey’re also a very good defending team.Detroit,  when  they  won their Cups, everybody thinks that they’re apuck  possession,  great  offensive team, they’re one of the best defendingteams in the league.You  can’t  win  unless you know how to defend.  That goes back for along  time.   You go back to my first years in the league with the EdmontonOilers,  they  didn’t start winning until they figured out how to win a 1-0as  well as an 8-7 game.  The only way you’re going to have a chance to winis defend well.We  look  at  our  team,  reality  is,  we’re not going to go out andoutscore  people  on  a  nightly basis.  We have to work people out, defendpeople.  If we give easy goals away, we’re not going to have much chance towin, so…Our  players  have recognized that.  It comes down to how we’re goingto  win.   They recognize how we have to play.  They have to do their part.If we do it, we have a chance to win.Q.   Can  you  maybe  speak to the goaltending matchup, in particularwith Quick, how much work you put into analyzing this guy.COACH TIPPETT:  We’re a team that we really rely on what we’re doing.Believe  me, we think we’ve got a great goaltender.  We recognize they havea great goaltender.Some of the goaltending, they play a good defending game.  They allowtheir  goaltender  to  have  some success.  We feel like we can do the samething.We’re a lot more geared to what we do.  Obviously there’s some thingsfrom  a  goaltender’s perspective that we’ll run by our guys, areas that wethink  might  be vulnerable.  That’s no different than any other team.  Thetwo  goalies  in  this series are going to be critiqued very hard because alot  of  it  is  they’ve played very well and they play a different kind ofstyle.We’ll talk about that.  But other than that, we’ll let the games playout.Q.   When  you came off the ice today, you were like, Okay, enough ofthat.  At what point this week did it go from this rest is going to help usto, Okay, let’s play the game?COACH  TIPPETT:  I think as you get closer, you get a little anxious.We  had a couple good days off.  We had a hard practice day where you couldtell  the  guys  after that were, Okay, let’s play now, enough of that hardpractice stuff.We try to wrap it up every day.  Today we basically used it as almostlike  a  pregame  skate.   Tomorrow with a 5:00 game, we won’t skate in themorning.   We  did  our  final preparations today.  Let’s go home, get somegood  rest, show up tomorrow and get ready for Game 1.  Guys are anxious togo.Q.  Where do you see Aucoin at?COACH  TIPPETT:   He  won’t  play  tomorrow.  He certainly won’t be aplayer in Game 1.  He skated a little bit today.  I think we’ll monitor hissituation, but he won’t be a player in Game 1.Q.   You  said  both teams don’t change their style at home or on theroad.  Why do you think that approach has been successful for both teams?COACH  TIPPETT:   It’s  who you are, your identity, how you play.  Itgoes  back to how are you going to win.  If you change how you play at homeor on the road, one of them is not going to work.Both  teams  stay  true  to  who  they  are and play the same whetherthey’re home or away.Q.  (Question regarding the break.)COACH  TIPPETT:   Our  guys are pretty good.  When we go into a breaklike  this,  very similar to the All-Star break, coming out of it, we had aplan  in place at the start of the week.  We went through the plan with theplayers.   They  know exactly what to expect each day coming, how we expectto wrap it up, the elements of this series that we think are important thatwe  have to make sure we put in place in practice, their preparation, theirworkload versus rest, all those things.What  you  try  to do is create a week where every day they feel likethey’re trying to get better to accomplish and get themselves ready for thestart of the series.Different  than last season.  When we had that last break, we were insurvival  mode for about six weeks and then we just needed rest.  This weekis  a little more preparation and I think our guys are anxious to get readyto play.Q.   This is kind of an unusual matchup.  Two teams that have not hada whole lot of playoff success.  Obviously you’re wrapped up in winning andwhat  you have to do.  Can you on a successful level appreciate the storiesand  journeys  that  your  team and the Kings had to go to get through thisfar?DON MALONEY:  You’re on a roll (laughter).COACH  TIPPETT:   I  appreciate both sides, because I’ve been in bothorganizations obviously.I think it’s great for the cities, the exposure, when you get to thispoint  in  the  playoffs.  I know the exposure in the Phoenix area has beenvery good for our organization, hopefully very good long-term.You  recognize the work that a lot of organizations put in behind thescenes.   Everybody’s  working  for  the  same goal.  When you haven’t beenthere  before  and you finally get to these levels, it’s very rewarding fornot just the city, but the people involved in the organizations.I  can say that speaking from both organizations because I know a lotof the people well.DON  MALONEY:   It’s  an  interesting  time.   You can feel it in ourmarketplace  anyway,  beating  Nashville,  getting to this stage.  Just thecity,  the valley, the attention that we’re getting, the media, newspapers,certainly  radio and television, it’s second to none.  It’s what we need tosurvive  here.  We feel we’ve been in survival mode for three years, reallysince Dave showed up.This  is  great  for  us  and  our  franchise.   We’re  certainly notsatisfied  to  just  sit  here today.  We certainly expect to move further.Same  with  L.A.   We  respect them.  If you go back to the pre-season, youlook  at the teams, a lot of people looking at the L.A. Kings say, that’s ateam that can come out of the west.  We know they’re a formidable opponent,even  though some years they struggled like we did.  Both teams, my belief,belong here.Q.   A  question  about  how  you  put  this team together.  It’s andunder-the-radar group, without the star power of a lot of teams.  You’ll gointo  tomorrow’s game with at least twice as many first-round draft choicesas  the  Kings.   Were  you  big  on  pedigree?  Why have they been able tosucceed here, guys like Pyatt, Chipchura, Brule?DON  MALONEY:   I  think  you  hit  the nail on the hit.  Brule was atop-five, top-six pick.  At the time he was picked, he was expected to be a30- to 40-goal scorer in the league.  By the time he gets to us four, five,six  years  later,  he’s  figured  out that, you know what, I can be a goodplayer.   But  maybe  it’s  in  a  role,  coming off the bench, riding somesecondary offense.Kyle  Chipchura,  a very good player for us, important player for us.Brings a lot of energy to our game.  I think it’s a little bit by necessityhere.   We’ve  had to really search for the right players that fit into oursystem.Taylor  Pyatt  is  a  prime  example.   Taylor Pyatt, you know, for anumber  of  years  in  Vancouver was a very good player.  Had some personaltragedy  in  his life, was able to refind his game here.  He’s an importantplayer, and will be in this series.  A big, strong, power player for us.It’s  like  anything,  we have X-amount to work with.  We do the bestwith  what  the league has been able to provide us.  Fortunately we’ve beenable to come up with some nice stories.Q.  Why have these guys been able to find roles here that they didn’thave elsewhere?COACH  TIPPETT:   I think once you get through that first or, in somecases,  second  team,  expectations  in  the player’s mind seem to go down.They’re just looking for an opportunity to refind their game.Talking  to  young  Brule this morning after practice, he’s got a bigsmile  on  his  face.  This  is the most fun I’ve had in hockey in my wholelife.   It’s probably the least role he’s played on a team, but he’s havingmore fun.The  expectations,  some  of those guys was certainly probably higherthan  they  were  able  to  produce  at  the  time.   Once  they get to us,expectations  have  come down a little bit.  We try to really create a teamatmosphere  where  everybody  has to chip in.  Sometimes players like that,they feel like they had to do way more than everybody else.  Here they justhave to do the same.They  get  comfortable  in  a  role.  They’re able to succeed in thatrole, whether it’s a little bigger or a little smaller role, they have somesuccess, they get confident and they can play.Q.   Don,  could  you bring us back to your initial conversation withDave  when  you  were  thinking  of  hiring  him.   Part of the sales pitchprobably wasn’t, We just declared bankruptcy.DON  MALONEY:  It was interesting at the time.  You really have to goback.   I  had  initial  conversation with Wayne Gretzky late May.  At thatpoint  I  felt  I  didn’t think he’d come back regardless as the coach.  Henever  said  it.   In our initial conversation, he asked me if I didn’t, doyou  have  a  guy, because I’ve got a guy.  We both had the same guy.  He’ssitting to my left.  He had just been let go from Dallas.The first time I called Dave, I met him out in Minnesota.  Again, hadto  be  quite  covert,  quite frankly.  The last thing you want me to do isrunning around looking for coaches, have the world look at that.  There wasone other coach I talked to.For all those reasons, it’s well-published.  He knew the division, heknew  the  conference, he had great success in Dallas, he’s won everywhere.Been  a  coach  in  the  minor leagues, won in the minor leagues.  It was agreat fit.Really,  of  all  the  years  since  the  bankruptcy, the only littlepush-back  I  had  with  the  NHL  at the time when I was signing him was alittle bit on the term of the contract.  If you look back at the time, theywanted  a  short-term  deal.  I said, A short-term deal isn’t going to workhere.  It was just one short conversation.I  have to give him credit.  Looking at our situation, I’m not sure Iwould  have  come  into this mess at the time.  I think he looked at it andsaw  that  this  is  the  chance  to  build  something  from the ground up.Fortunately we’ve been relatively successful to date.Q.  Any Ranger blood left in you tonight?DON  MALONEY:  I do.  Obviously you have to be somewhat impartial.  Iplayed with George McPhee.  I hope the Rangers win tonight.  I got a lot ofgood  friends.   Glen  Sather was very, very good to me.  And not only GlenSather,  but  the  whole  organization was very, very good to me.  I’ve gotnothing bad to say about them and I’d love to play them in the finals.My  brother  Dave,  he scares viewers away on occasion.  A young StanFischler  there.   I  don’t really quite get that, but talk to him a littlebit after.  There’s the family.COACH TIPPETT:  Thank you, guys.THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.FastScripts by ASAP SportsPhoenix Coyotes Practice QuotesMay 12, 2012Forward Radim VrbataOn the time off he and his teammates have had this week: “It was nice toclose that series early and have a couple of days off, but on the otherhand it would be nice to be playing again. I think we had some rest, we hadsome good practices and now we’re ready to go, we’re looking forward toit.”On the challenge of maintaining a good balance in practice: “You want tokeep it loose and you want to have fun, but on the other hand you want tostay focus and do the drills right and prepare for what we start tomorrow.So, I think there’s a good balance; there’s fun but there’s someseriousness to it, too, I think.”On the amount of fun he’s having: “It’s fun. When you realize there’s onlyfour teams left, it’s something. When you think about it in the biggerpicture, that’s an accomplishment. But as we said after that second round,it’s not over yet. We want to win this round and then we want to win thenext. So, that’s what’s fun, because you’re getting closer and closer. Atthe first part of the season there’s 30 teams that have a chance to win,now there’s only four. So, the odds are getting better.”Forward Ray WhitneyOn whether he’s ready to start playing: “Yeah, it’s been a long time off. Ithink both teams probably feel the same way; that it’s enough practicing,it’s time to get out there. At this time off year you don’t like practicingthat much anyways; you’ve had enough of those throughout the season. So,we’re excited to get back to playing and I’m sure they are as well.”On the time off both teams have had: “We’ve both had plenty of time toprepare and heal and I would assume everybody is healthy on both sides ofit. So, everybody is starting fresh, which should be no excuses in thatdepartment.”On LA: “They’re playing great right now… They haven’t been beaten on theroad, they’re playing really good hockey right now. So, I don’t think itmatters right now of what we think is going to happen, it’s going to be amatter of competing to the level they’ve competed at in the first tworounds. They’ve been very exciting to watch, they’ve been very impressiveto watch and we’re going to have our hands full.”On the amount of shots Phoenix has given up in the playoffs: “There wastimes in the Chicago series where it got out of hand, and the first gameagainst Nashville. Really, aside from that, the shots weren’t that bad.Actually, we were pretty good in the games 2, 3 and 4. Obviously, in Game 5they put everything they had into it, they got a few shots, but no, I don’tthink we’re concerned with the amount of shots we give up or don’t give up.I don’t think that has much of an affect at all.”On the amount of time off he and his teammates have had this week: “It’sactually been pretty calm in here for most of the time. We had a good, hardpractice the other day. It felt a little bit like training camp, thepractice that we had. The last couple of days have been shorter and alittle higher tempo. I think being at the rink and practicing keeps youinto it. We’re excited to get going, but I think the first two seriescaused some injuries or some bruising and I think the guys have used thattime to relax and get healthy again.”"