City of Glendale Approved Deal With Greg Jamison 4-2


Just moments ago, the City of Glendale council approved a deal to sell the arena and pay management fees for operating the arena to a group led by Greg Jamison. This is the first step to the NHL selling the team to Mr. Jamison.

Seated in the front row for the special meeting today were Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and Greg Jamison. It was great to see the commissioner and vice-commissioner in Glendale today, as they were there every day (alone or together) for the bankruptcy meeting 3 years ago. Mr. Jamison spoke to the council, as well as several members of the community.

Voting no were Phil Lieberman and mayor Elaine Scruggs.

Goldwater Institute filed a motion to stop the proceedings but a Superior Court Judge overturned their motion and the meting proceeded. Rather than admit defeat, Goldwater said they will be in court on Monday.

I will have more on this later, including the financial breakdowns.

I will have more on the deal later.