Shane Doan Unleashes His Inner Cowboy With The Launch of Ice Barns


Remember when you were in high school and you had to meet with the guidance counselor to pick a career or area for study in university? If you were diligent, you talked with people in your choses area of study, pershaps someone working in that field of work. Maybe you took the aptitude test and found out what a test thinks you should do based on answers filled out on a Scantron form. No matter what was said to your parents, you were told one thing. “Have something to fall back on.”

Well, Shane Doan has found something in case this hockey thing does not work out. Shane has opened his private ranch Ice Barns to the public in terms of a private membership facility. Pay a fee ($300 a person per month or $450 for a family per month) and your responsibilities will be to show up, point toward a horse (other than Shane’s personal horse Bucky) and off you will go. At the end of the ride (he has the land for a trail ride as well as ring ride) you turn the horse into the waiting ranch hands. It’s easier than a rental car as you don’t have to fill it up.

All the maintenance and daily requirements will be done by the Ice Barns ranch hands. You get all the enjoyment, none of the work. Why do it? In the words of former President Ronald Reagan, “I do some of my best thinking on top of a horse.” You cannt argue with that. For the complete story and video, click the link below.