2012 Fansided Network Mock Draft


The writers here at the Fansided Network know that the hockey season is a 365 day a year season. Even after the cup has been awarded, there is still plenty of items to discuss. The NHL Awards, Free Agency and trades, and the NHL draft. Where dreams are made. Where parents can revile in the joy of seeing their son drafted into the NHL, knowing those 6 am practice and spending $5000 a year for travel hockey has finally paid off. The look of satisfaction and wonderment on the faces of the young men as they hear their name called, they walk to the podium and shake hands with representatives from their new team, and beam for the camera. As they exit the stage, it must hit them. All their hard work, all the 6 am practices, the off-ice workouts. Hearing about their family’s sacrifices just so they can skate and play at an elite league.

With this in mind, we have undertaken a mock draft. A writer for each of the 30 teams has been pouring over prospects, assessing their team’s needs, and making a selection from the pool of available players. Once we find a player, we write about him and how they will compliment the current roster and the future roster. The 18 year olds who can successfully transition to the NHL are extremely rare. We are scouting for two or three years away.

The site to view the draft is http://toomanymenonthesite.com/2012-mock-draft/

I hope you find our selections worthy of your opinion.