Phoenix Coyotes Television Viewing Numbers Up 142.9% Over Last Year


AOL Sporting News published a story that shows television viewing of the NHL is up considerably from last year. While not every team is up, the trend shows that more people are watching hockey this year over the previous years.

The Phoenix Coyotes are drawing a rating of 0.92, which translates to 17,000 households. Considering they are on Fox Sports Arizona and routinely moved to Fox Arizona Plus, that is not a bad overall number. The NY Rangers, in the middle of playoff contention and playing in the largest media market, are at a 1.8 rating. The NJ Devils are averaging a 0.55 rating.

Television drives fan and team interest. When you cannot get the local media to do positives stories on the team, ratings will suffer. When the sports lead with the latest Suns losses and the Cardinals being the Cardinals, there is not much air for the Coyotes. Even Fox Sports Arizona puts the other Arizona sports first.

To read the story in full, the link is provided below.