Coyotes Logo is one of NHL’s best according to The Hockey News


For the last month, The Hockey News has been counting down to the best logo in the NHL. Some of the rankings have made more sense than others,but as they wind down their countdown, a surprise contender for the number one spot has emerged.

The Arizona Coyotes have yet to be spotted in the top 30, and with number seven (the Boston Bruins) being released on Thursday, the team is guaranteed a spot in the top six. The Coyotes have beaten out several original six teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs (21st), New York Rangers (14th), Montreal Canadiens (13th), and- of course- the Bruins (7th).

The Hockey News Criteria goes as follows,

"“The goal was to look at all the NHL logos again for the first time, not taking history into consideration, and judge them on design, color and, if applicable, how it relates to the city”"

The six teams remaining include the Coyotes, the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, the Dallas Stars, and the Buffalo Sabres. Just two of the original six made it into the top six, and one wonders how the Coyotes managed to beat out so many teams with classic logos. As the countdown continues, we will update you on where the Coyotes land.

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Dont get me wrong- I like the current iteration of the Coyotes logo; it’s simple, it pops, it’s recognizable, and it’s fierce. It also probably nears the top of the list due to it’s intense connection with the city it represents- not many other teams have such distinctly patriotic logos. Still, it doesn’t compare to the original Coyotes logo, which was replaced in 2003.

Yes, The kachina Coyote was a perfect brand for the 90s; it was colorful, unique, and it also would have made for an awesome cartoon- but its uniqueness is part of the reason why I still think it’s the best logo in team history. I’d take the original logo back in a heartbeat.

For a moment this upcoming season, though, my wishes will come true. That’s right, fans- we will get a chance to see our old friend return.

Anthony Leblanc has announced that a throwback night will be held this season. “It will happen next year… We received approval from the League last week, so that will happen at least one game next year,” Leblanc said, in a town hall with fans back in February. At this time, it hasnt been released which sweater the Coyotes will sport on throwback night. Still, don’t forget that the old logo was responsible for giving us these beauties, which were worn from 1999 until 2003.

Do you miss the original logo as much as I do? Do you agree with the Hockey New’s ranking? Comment below with your thoughts, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.